An Active Committee

The Council committee meets with executive management of the company several times a year, although committee members are active in-between meetings attending meetings with Members and working on portfolio activities on behalf of the membership.

In terms of portfolios, each committee member is allocated an important area of the company’s operation (sometimes more than one area per Councillor) such as training, property managment, auctions, technology etc and conduct a "shadow" style of role, observing the activities and progress within that activity, observing industry trends and providing direct input to Corporate on behalf of the membeship collective. In each of these areas, committee members work closely with senior company management in a co-operative way to help improve and enhance the franchise offer.


Richie Thornton
Admiral, President
Training,  Liveability & Rural   


John Davis
Admiral, Vice President
Profesional Indemnity & General Insurance


John Monahan
Admiral, Past President
Council Services

Glen Peterson
Commercial, Staff Recruitment

Mark Spearing
Property Management   

Matthew Herbert

Scott Cameron
Ancillary Services

Frank Newton
Permission Marketing


Mario Bonomi
Auctions,  Industry Issues


Penny Higgs

Memberships, Public Relations

Shane Colquhoun
Marketing & CBM